SPB – short for socio-educational area: Our school is a committed all-day school and has been cooperating with the since it was founded Technical Youth Leisure and Education Society (tjfbg) gGmbHto enable diverse and all-day learning.

The colleagues in the socio-pedagogical department mainly focus on the social-psychological development of the students.

Each class is assigned a member of the team who, in close cooperation with the teachers, is available on-site every day for the students and their families.

We see ourselves as contact persons and advisors for the children. We exchange ideas with them about their everyday lives, talk to them about the topics that concern them and answer their questions. We support them in a protected and trusting framework of exchange, in personal matters or private worries and needs.

We help them and support them in resolving conflicts. We see our role as mediator. In the context of an argument between students, our psychological approach focuses on clarifying what led to the dispute instead of pointing out right or wrong. With our assistance, students are encouraged to work together to find a solution with which everyone can agree. We perceive conflicts as a chance to further development.

We encourage the students to move independently and actively organize their free time in order to promote their autonomy. We create space for the discovery of one's own abilities, skills, interests and desires. We provide suggestions and create impact in sporting, playful, creative or musical areas by offering students open opportunities in various fields of engagement. In the school day, we create opportunities for joint action, meetings and exchange within the class, but also across classes or age groups.

By boosting personal and social skills in "Social Learning", students are provided with tools to deal appropriately with themselves and others in group situations. This skill-set aims at building a bridge between the individual personality and a team. This includes, for example, empathy, communication, teamwork, cooperation and conflict skills.

It is important to us to include our students’ suggestions, wishes and interests by encouraging them to co-create content (participation), to promote their self-reliance and autonomy, as well as encouraging them to assume responsibility.

During school hours, the socio-pedagogical department is responsible for designing the subject "Social Learning" (SL), the all-day lessons (GT) and the lunch line (Lunch). In addition, we support teachers and students in lessons, on outings and field trips. We are obliged to supervise the students before 7:30 a.m. (early care) and after 4:00 p.m. (late care) as well as during the holidays.

If you would like support before school starts, please use the following link.https://forms.office.com/r/qj33cvQ2fr