We are one tied all-day school. This means that we follow an overall school concept of teaching, education, supplementary support and care, in which all pupils are obliged to attend between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on at least four days a week. Leisure activities, training groups, etc. can only be visited after 4 p.m.

As an all-day school, we do without homework. Sometimes, however, homework can be given, for example when a poem is learned, missed material is made up, a novel is to be read... Longer-term project tasks can also be set - the tasks are entered in the homework book. The homework book is called a log book at our school.

The school day at the WMIS

The day is very varied. Pure learning subjects alternate with subjects that offer other forms of learning in a playful way and also across age groups. The subjects are offered by social workers and teachers.

Mathematics is usually taught in German. Depending on the resources, history and IT will also be given in German. English classes are taught exclusively by native speakers.

A sample timetable shows the alternation of lessons and offers throughout the day.

subject Offer of the social pedagogical area
ES - Environmental Studies - ExpertiseLunch – lunch break
DMT – German mother tongue
DPT – German partner language
IL – Informal Learning
EMT - English mother tongue
EPT – English mother tongue
SL - Social Learning
Ma - MathematicsPL – project learning (cross-year) 1/2
Mus - music
Kind – Art
OP Af- open afternoon
sports sportsEAA - Earth., Arts, Action (years 3 and 4) - mixture of subjects and social activities
LK – Life Science
WUF - elective subject (for years 5 and 6) - mixture of subjects and social offers