We are one tied all-day school. This means that we follow an overall school concept of teaching, education, supplementary support and care, in which all pupils are obliged to attend between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on at least four days a week. Leisure activities, training groups, etc. can only be visited after 4 p.m.

As an all-day school, we do without homework. Sometimes, however, homework can be given, for example when a poem is learned, missed material is made up, a novel is to be read... Longer-term project tasks can also be set - the tasks are entered in the homework book. The homework book is called a log book at our school.

The school day at the WMIS

The day is very varied. Pure learning subjects alternate with subjects that offer other forms of learning in a playful way and also across age groups. The subjects are offered by social workers and teachers.

ES - Environmental Studies - Expertise

DMT – German mother tongue

EMT - English mother tongue

Ma - Mathematics

Lunch – lunch break

Mus - music

Kind – Art

IL – Informal Learning

LK – Life Science


SL - Social Learning

sports sports

PL – project learning (cross-year) 1/2

OP Af- open afternoon

EAA – Earth., Arts, Action (across grades 3 and 4)

WUF – elective subject (cross-grades 5 and 6)