school parent representative

Eric Swedersky, School Parent Representative


Parents at the school

Parents' representatives play a crucial part in shaping opinions amongst all parents. In close collaboration with teachers, educators, management and secondary level students , parents assist in shaping the present as well as making future decisions, and thus co-determine the school’s success level.

Parent representatives have an important role in forming opinions within the parent community. Together with teachers, the headmaster and students (from secondary level I) they shape the present, make decisions for the future and the success of the school.

Class parents' meeting::

The class teacher invites to the first parents' meeting in the new school year of a newly composed class. Otherwise, the class parent representatives always invite you to the first parents' meeting in the new school year. The class parents' meeting serves primarily to exchange information and opinions with each other and with the class teacher or the class team (class teacher, deputy class teacher, educator). This is to promote cooperation between the parents and teachers of a class in the interests of the pupils.

The legal guardians of minor pupils in a class elect two parent representatives of the class in a parents' meeting. The class parents' meeting decides whether they want to elect deputies and if so, how many. The class parent representatives invite to at least three parent meetings during the school year in consultation with the class teacher and propose the agenda. The parent representatives should take up topics that are of interest to all parents. Speakers and guests can be invited.

As representatives of the class, the two parent representatives take part in the sessions of the General Parent Representation (GEV) and then report to the parents of their class. Furthermore, the class parents' meeting elects the representatives for the class conference.

Class conference::

The class conference is the meeting of all teachers teaching in a class and the pedagogical staff working in the class as well as the representatives of the parents and from secondary level I also the pupils. The class conference is a body, therefore two equal parent representatives and at least two alternates must be elected. These can be the two class parent representatives, but two other legal guardians of the class can also be elected. 

The elected parent representatives may take part in a class conference when it comes to cooperation between the individual school participants or coordination of lessons. Parents may not take part in class conferences when it comes to transfers, certificates, degrees and support forecasts; in the case of disciplinary measures, only if the parents and pupils concerned so desire.

Overall parent representation::

The two elected class parent representatives are members of the school's General Parent Representation (GEV). The GEV represents the school interests of all legal guardians of a school and informs itself about important school matters, exchanges information about them and, in addition to the school management, ensures that all important information is passed on to the parents.

The parents' conference elects the parents' representative of the school as well as up to three deputies from among its members. In addition, members of the GEV are elected:

a. four members for the school conference (every two years),

b. two representatives for the conference as a whole (annually),

c. two representatives for the teachers' conferences (annual) (not yet established),

d. two representatives for the District Parents Committee (annually),

e. two representatives for the GesamtschĂĽlerkonferenz (annual) (not yet established).

The representatives elected to these bodies shall report on the respective meetings at the General Assembly.

The Senate has strengthened this pillar of school work through a Parents' Guide. This can be downloaded (in German) from the following link: