Welcome, we are pleased that you have decided to enroll at WMIS. Applications are warmly welcome!

If Your child was born between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018, it will start school in 2024.

Who can register?

We accept children from internationally mobile families and children from families living permanently in Berlin per class; there are 10 places available in each class. You can find more detailed information here. 

Please register your school-age child by: October 9th to October 20th, 2023 in the primary school responsible for you at. This is usually the public primary school closest to your home. If you want to enroll your child in WMIS, you will need to change schools first apply to the primary school in your catchment area and then submit an application to WMIS using the appropriate form (“retraining card”). 

If you have the retraining card, you can send your child to our school from October 10, 2023 to October 20, 2023 Sign in. The current registration form and a leaflet can be found below (from Accessible October 10, 2023). Please note that according to the Berlin School Act you are not allowed to register at several schools at the same time.

We point this out as a precaution out that

1. consideration in the school admission process can only take place in exceptional cases if the complete application documents for school registration are received by the school no later than 2 weeks before the school place is allocated, i.e. no later than the end of April 2024 and all requirements are met.

2. only children who are habitually resident in the state of Berlin at the time of school registration, but no later than at the time of the school place allocation, which will take place in calendar week 21 in May 2024 (tbc), can be admitted to the Wangari Maathai International School have. An exception only applies to the admission of children from highly mobile families coming from abroad. If these families do not yet live in Berlin at the time of registration or school place allocation, they can still be admitted to the Wangari Maathai International School if the admission criteria are met, but only under one condition.

Our office time for enrolment are: 

Monday & Tuesday & Thursday & Friday: 8-12 o'clock

Wednesday 12-14 o'clock


As a state international school, we accept children who, according to their age, speak German or English like a mother tongue; Children whose mother tongue is German must also have at least a passive knowledge of English.

We check the linguistic skills required for admission Language tests. Depending on which language you have specified as your native language, your native language skills will be tested in an English or a German test; Children who are registered as bilingual are tested in both languages of instruction. The parents then decide what the mother tongue should be. 

If the Wangari Maathai International School Berlin is your second or third choice, it is not necessary to submit an application to us. In the event of rejection by the school with the highest priority, the application documents will be forwarded to us.

Please note: Since the decision about admission to the 1st class is not made by the school, but by the Berlin Senate, the school is unfortunately unable to provide any information about the status of the application process. The documents will be checked again after the language tests and will not be forwarded to the Senate for processing before December.

In addition to the registration form, which you present to the school in the original with a signature, you must ALSO fill out the form below “Registration 2024/25 new” digitally. Fill out the form online, be sure to save it first and then send it as an email attachment without any further documents to: anmeldung.WMIS@senbjf.berlin.de. This works best with Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Attention: This part of the application is not sufficient as a binding school registration, but only serves as a parallel survey as part of the registration process! You must still register directly with the school with the complete documents in paper form. Only then can your application be taken into account when allocating a school place. (no scanned PDF) (See “Register checklist”).

Please also take note of our data protection information sheets.