The program Max—Artists in Residence at Berlin's schools has been making it possible for artists from different genres to set up a studio at a school for at least one year since 2015.

The students have the opportunity to observe artists at work and to work artistically in the studio themselves. In this way, the children get to know the work of an artist over a longer period of time. Working together, they broaden their perspectives, find inspiration and experience working with new materials. The studio should be a space for inspiration, innovation, differentiation from everyday school life, fun, exploration, etc. Aesthetic education can be experienced beyond the lessons, without the pressure of grades and evaluation.

After a successful application by the BEGA team, the artist Simon Knab moved into the WMIS in the school year 2021/22. After an arrival and getting-to-know-you phase at the beginning of the school year, project ideas and cooperation opportunities are generated.

Simon Knab works on projects with a strong connection to nature and the environment using egg tempera and ink paints that he makes himself and with which he can work independently and in an environmentally friendly way. The project-based work with the WMIS students will focus on questions of sustainability in combination with creative work. These projects will cover all elements of artistic work, from the research phase to the choice of the artistic medium, the artistic elaboration and the presentation of the results.

Learn more about Simon Knab on his website.

Artist Simon Knab in action