In spring 2020, the team decided to work with the Seesaw platform for schoolled learning at home.

The English-language platform is designed to be age-appropriate for elementary school students and can be used intuitively even by younger students with any computer, smartphone or, best of all, a tablet. 

The support association Friends of WMIS eV has subscribed to a license for this platform, so there are no additional costs for parents.

Each student receives an access code at the beginning of the school year. The platform is also integrated into lessons during "normal" school hours, so that the children are well-versed in using the app in the event of a lockdown.

This learning platform supports interaction between children and teachers. Feedback features allow for targeted and stimulating feedback.

The very youngest children of the 1st and 2nd grades are provided with additional teaching materials beyond the platform, since literacy cannot necessarily already be assumed. In some cases, parents can pick up this additional material at school with advance notice by the class team.

Many families are equipped with several computers and cell phones and can support their children. If you as a family cannot provide your child with a device, please contact secretary(at) or gesse(at) with confidence.




Organization of home learning with Seesaw   

Class teams upload their assignments to the platform no later than 9:00 AM Monday of each school week. The teacher of the main subjects creates a weekly plan for his or her subject in which the tasks are pre-structured.

All children receive a plan showing which subjects need to be worked on and to what extent on any given day.

The class teams continue to upload the weekly video lesson plan so that the children know when a lesson is taking place. We have had good experience with having 1-6 video lessons per week per class depending on age, subject matter, class composition, and the teachers’ personal situation.

Some tasks can be solved directly on the tablet on the platform and learning videos can be watched via links. Many tasks are completed in children’s’ notebooks and school books. Once a task is solved, a photo is taken and uploaded. Pictures and crafts, papers, and even small shows can also be uploaded. Initially, children will need parents to help, but even first graders can develop an amazing routine!

Teachers provide feedback on the work in the communication box that exists for each work uploaded.

Student work is collected on the account, and is viewable by parents and teachers. In this way, a portfolio is created over the months, and demonstrates learning progress over time.