Our school has its own anthem, which we love to sing and present at joint events:

The music

The music display the diversity of our school community and includes stylistic connections to Africa, Wangari Maathai's home.

Score and text may be downloaded here:

The artist

As a passionate lover of music, Nanita Rica Winniewski (nee Assahin) has always dreamed of becoming a great singer at a very tender age. She wanted to learn how to play different instruments but did not have the priviledge to do so due to several challenges. The obstacles she faced as a child did not stop her from using her main instrument i.e her voice to pursue her dream. At age 6, she formed her first singing group in her class where she taugt other kids how to carry a note. She led different performances all through her basic eduction through till high school.

African-American gospel music is among the most beloved of all forms of music. This is the repertoire you will find in the gospel choirs Nanita has directed in her home country Ghana, in Geneva (Holy Trinity Church) and at the American Church In Berlin over the last 20 years. She enjoys both classic and modern African-American gospel music, with powerful themes, positive messages, and rhythms infused with the unique blending of voices from around the globe.

Nanita is a singer and songwritter and a believer of christ so most of her songs are centered around her belief and love for God. A vibriant mother of 4. She┬┤s full of life, she is warm, friendly and carries an aura of peace whereever she goes.

She started writing songs at the age of 12 and always had in mind that one day her pieces will be heard all across the globe.

Music is food for the soul. So make sure you consume enough of it!

Nanita Rica Winniewski