Art is taught in all classes for two hours per week. Every child receives an art book (also called visual journal or VJ) free of charge for parents when they start school. The VJ are paid from the education budget. The VJs cost about 14 euros each, they are stable and made of strong drawing board and they are supposed to last a while.

Pedagogical goals: Drawing is done upon suggestion in class or in free time. In this way, documentation is created over time, a kind of portfolio of the topics covered in class. At the same time, the various stages of creation show how individual artistic concepts and strategies develop. Experimentation and testing should be carried out and the progress made should be documented.

Organization: The art book should last at least one school year.

If the book from the previous year is not yet full, the children will only receive a new book after it has been completed for ecological and economic reasons.

Of course, the children can also work in it at home, but they should always be brought back to the school bag. The VJ's are an essential part of art classes and are used almost weekly. The VJ is one third of the overall grade of the students. It is therefore important for evaluation reasons that the children always have their art books with them.

Loss: If a child fills the art book within a few weeks, then they have not understood the purpose of the book. If the VJ is lost, we ask that you replace it as soon as possible.

You can get the replacement art books from Boesener, for example


The size should be 20cm x 20cm.