The lessons are taught in each class with 2 lessons per week. Parents decide together with their children which lessons they will attend.

Life lessons are taught by a teacher from the Humanistischer Verband Deutschland, Protestant religion is taught by teachers from the ARU Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. At the beginning of the school year, the children have 3 weeks to "try out" the two subjects. After these 3 weeks, a binding decision is made by the child and the parents for one subject. It is not possible to change a subject during the school year. However, after a written application by the parents, a change may be possible for the next half-year (NEW from the 2020/21 school year).

The following rule applies to newcomers: The child is also given time to try out a subject 3 weeks after arriving at our school.

If the teacher is absent during the course of the school year, for organisational reasons it may happen in individual cases that your child is looked after, but not taught, by another teacher from the Religious Education or Life Studies subject group.

A change will only be considered in exceptional cases and after a written request from the parents for the next semester.