We start with two 7th grades in August 2023.

As ISS, we are an all-day school in a restricted form, i.e. the lesson times are from Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Fri: 8 a.m. to 3/4 p.m. All students in the 6th grade of the WMIS get a place in the 7th grade if the performance is sufficient. Lateral entry for highly mobile children is still possible; a successfully completed language test in English is a prerequisite for admission. There are places available! We try to keep the classes balanced. The existing groups of the 6th classes are to be continued.

The growth takes place in the rooms of the neighboring upper school center. A new building, which has been discussed for many years, is not planned. In August 2023, a Nawi room and 2 classrooms will be created in the OSZ building, which can be easily reached from the primary school in order to ensure homogeneity in the school areas. In the following years, the WMIS will take over additional rooms in the building part of the upper school center, such as specialist rooms, rooms for social education, and a library.

Curricula – school leaving certificates

Grades 1-6Grades 7-10Grades 11-13
Primary schoolIntermediate / Middle Years – Secondary School 1Secondary level II in cooperation with Nelson Mandela School
 BBR/eBBR – Vocational training class 
MSA/ MSA (Go) – middle school degree
IGCSI – International General Certificate of Secondary Education 
German Abitur/ IB
•Berlin Framework Plan for Primary Schools •Curriculum for English bilingual schools (in cooperation with NMIS)•Berlin Framework Curriculum
• Cambridge Program Lower and Higher Secondary
Both school-leaving qualifications enable you to take up vocational training or further training both in Germany and abroad. Successful participation in the exams is a prerequisite for the transition to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) in grades 11, 12 and 13.
Berlin Framework Curriculum Upper Level 11-13 Curriculum of the IB Organization (IBDB) Both degrees entitle you to study in Germany or abroad.

The hour table

German English is offered in grades 7 and 8 at two levels:

ER – increased requirement level

GR – Basic requirement level

As a 2nd foreign language after the mother tongue and partner language Spanish and French offered. Lateral entrants without knowledge of German are exempt from the second foreign language and receive German lessons at this point

In mathematics, too, a distinction is made between basic and supplementary courses.

in the elective the students can choose between different offers depending on their interests: language, STEM/science, newspaper, homework. The offer is defined more precisely and is also based on the resources.

The lesson times correspond to the times of the primary. The 7th classes use the primary school playground.

socio-educational area

As an all-day school, we offer socio-educational activities in the hours when there are no classes.

languages of instruction

We strive for a balanced relationship between the subjects to be taught in German and English (50%/50%). The language of instruction also depends on the teachers available.

•preferred on German teaches: ethics, sport, economy - work - technology (WAT).

•preferred on English teaches: natural sciences, history and geography.

• German and/or English teaches (depending on the language of the teacher): art, music, mathematics.

book money

According to the school law, parents are obliged to pay for the children's books. The personal contribution is a maximum of 100 euros.

Every school can decide for itself which teaching and learning materials it uses in the classroom. There are two ways children get their books:

procurement individuallyPay into the learning aid fund
•A book list listing the books will be published in June. The parents buy the books themselves.
•The cost is not more than 100 euros.
• Any additional learning materials required are made available on loan by the school.
•The books belong to the family.
• The books, exercise books and other learning materials are made available by the school at the beginning of the school year.
•Parents pay between 50-70 euros to school before the school year starts. The final amount of the deposit will be decided by the SK in the 2022/23 school year.
•Parents do not have to buy the books individually
• Establishment of a learning resource fund: The books remain in the school and will be used by other classes in the next year


Secondary students are also given a choice of a hot meal, which is freshly cooked in our school kitchen every day. The details of the organization are still to be clarified.


At the parents' request, a locker system will be introduced. You will find out more about this later.