What is BEGA?

BegaSchools, which offer in-depth learning opportunities for pupils with special talents in the natural sciences or humanities, linguistic, musical, digital, craft, sporting or artistic areas, have been certified by the Berlin Senate since August 2019.

The BegaSchools receive financial support, the so-called BegaFonds. With this you can finance fees for course management, equipment and course materials. More information is available here..

WMIS has officially been a Bega school since December 2020.

Understanding of gifted education at WMIS - our mission statement:

In its letter of recommendation for the promotion of talent, the Berlin expert committee bases its decision on a multidimensional understanding of talent. This approach of multiple intelligence assumes that “intelligence is made up of different competencies, which combine to form higher-level skills in the course of the learning and development process. However, not all children and young people can perform equally well in all areas. For this reason, the promotion of talent must be multi-perspective and have an effect on different living environments. It is precisely this multi-perspective understanding of the promotion of talent that we take up at the WMIS. Our mission statement already states that the overarching goal of our school is to promote intercultural learning from multiple perspectives and creatively. We see the diversity of our school community and the multilingualism of the children as an enrichment and our greatest resource. “Project-based, interdisciplinary and with the help of creative methods, WMIS students learn to actively discover and help shape the world. In our creative approach, we understand art in a broad sense. It includes not only aesthetic education, but also visual and performing arts, movement and digital arts. The students learn in a multi-sensory, interdisciplinary and holistic way.”

Overview of current Bega courses in the 2023/24 school year

Topic – short descriptionWhodegreetime (month)
Design process enamel badge making   4A  Ongoing since Oct
Storytelling and writing   6a    Ongoing since Nov
Animation videos   5A  Ongoing since September  
Theatre   2A    Tbc  
Our local plants     3bMay 2024  
Zine design     5a and 6b    Ongoing since Oct  
Learning workshop design   3b      Ongoing since Dec  
Printmaking     7b      Ongoing since Jan 2024  
Drawing into being    7A  Feb 2024