As a public international school, we are specifically designed to meet the needs of students from all over the world and offer them sophisticated bilingual education in English and German which is based on German and international curricula.

Our namesake, Kenyan-born Wangari Maathai, was very passionate about sustainable development, peace and democracy deployed. The detailed text of our mission statement can be found here:

We named our school after this amazing woman because we want to encourage our students to be just as passionate and genuine about our world.

Parking situation and road safety on Babelsberger Strasse

In the mornings and afternoons, the traffic in front of our school increases so much when the children are brought or picked up that the road is blocked by waiting cars and it is feared that the children may be endangered. We also occasionally observe speeding, which endangers the children. Last but not least, the high market vehicles in the parking bays raise safety concerns, as they may not make it easy to see children crossing the street.

According to our mission statement, please come to school by public transport! You're doing your bit for the environment, you're not stressed out by traffic, and you can still go for a short walk in the fresh air!

Or you bring your child by bike! This increases independence and is healthy! Bike racks are in the schoolyard. Don't forget to lock up the bike!

So that no serious accident happens and to ease the traffic situation, we ask you urgently:

  • Let your children best just on the sidewalk on the side of the school get out of the vehicle and just on the sidewalk on the side of the school go to school so they don't have to cross the street.
  • Bring your kids early to school, this avoids the hustle and bustle when looking for a parking space.
  • If you want to park your car to accompany your child to school, use it too Parking spaces in the surrounding streets and preferably not directly in front of the school. From the Prinzregentenstra├če you come to our school through a small piece in the park.
  • Please don't stop in Babelsberger Strasse in front of the school or in Wendehammer, around one prevent road congestion.
  • If you do have to drive to the school, please stick to them speed target from 30km/h.

All of our children should get to school safely - please help and be a role model in road traffic. Thanks very much!