The Extra C‘s are extra-curricular courses offered by external providers on the premises of the school, in which the students can participate if they wish. These courses are chargeable. The school makes the premises available to the extracurricular partners and gives them the time windows; the content-related planning and the bureaucratic processing are handled independently by the providers. Extra C’s take place after school ends or on Friday afternoons.

You can find more information on the current course program, registration for the courses and the required permits for the school so that we can send your child to the courses below.

Extra C courses 2021/22

According to the current status, June 2021, the Extra C classes will be able to start again after a long break from 06.09.21 at WMIS. An overview of the Extra C classes offered in SY 21/22 and the link to register is available here on the homepage below. Registration for the Extra C classes at the beginning of the school year is only possible via the link. Please read carefully the document "Info & Registration/ Registration Extra C". For the 1st grade the classes will start after the October break on 25.10.21. A separate link for registration at the end of September will follow. Please read carefully the document "Info & Registration/ Registration Extra C". Please keep in mind that due to the current situation, the number of participants in the classes had to be limited. However, we have managed to continue to increase the number of classes so that as many children as possible can participate in the Extra C classes. Together with the providers, we will assign the children to the respective classes after they have registered via the link. Since our school is getting bigger and there has been an imbalance in the number of classes completed, we have decided to limit the number of classes per student* to a maximum of two so that all children have a chance to take part in a class. We would also like to inform you that we will be adjusting the Extra C classes as the school year progresses, should circumstances change. Thank you for your understanding.

Link for registering 1st graders

The registration for the 1st grade is done via the following link in the period from 20.09. to 01.10.21. 

Anmeldung/ Registration Extra C 21-22

Registration for Internationale Music School

Die Internationale Musikschule Berlin ( bietet zur Zeit dienstags und donnerstags zwischen 16:00 und 18:30 Uhr sowie freitags zwischen 14:00 und 18:30 Uhr Gitarren- und Klavierunterricht an. Bitte melden Sie sich persönlich per Mail bei Frau Kuznetskaya, wenn Sie Interesse daran haben. Sie kann Ihnen mitteilen, ob noch Kapazitäten zur Verfügung stehen und welche Rahmenbedingungen es gibt. Bitte geben Sie in der Mail an, dass es sich um einen Extra C Kurs an der Wangari-Maathai-Internationalen-Schule handelt, um die Zuordnung zu vereinfachen.