Each student was given one art book, (visual journal or VJ). This cost came out of the school budget, along with ALL art materials for all the children.

• This artbook should last one academic year.

• Each year the students will receive a VJ. If their previous year's one is not complete, they will receive a new one on completion, for environmental and economical reasons.

• If a student fills a notebook within a few weeks or if they lose their notebook, we would kindly ask that it is replaced asap.

They can be purchased at Boesner


The size should be 21cmx21cm

• The VJ is an integral part of your child's art education at WMIS and is used most weeks in art class

  • o The VJ "lives" in the kids´ school bag.
  •  o They can of course draw in them at home but they should always be put back in their bag.
  • o When grading or writing reports, the VJ accounts for one third of the students’ overall grade, this is why it is important they bring them to school every week.