What is BEGA?

BegaSchools, which offer in-depth learning opportunities for pupils with special talents in the natural sciences or humanities, linguistic, musical, digital, craft, sporting or artistic areas, have been certified by the Berlin Senate since August 2019.

The BegaSchools receive financial support, the so-called BegaFonds. With this you can finance fees for course management, equipment and course materials. More information is available here..

WMIS has officially been a Bega school since December 2020.

Why is WMIS a Bega school?

The concept of giftedness: The Berlin expert panel bases its recommendation for the promotion of giftedness on a multi-dimensional understanding of giftedness. This multiple intelligence approach assumes that "intelligence is composed of different competencies which combine to form higher-level abilities in the course of the learning and development process."

However, not all children and young people can show equally high performance in all areas. Therefore, the promotion of giftedness must be multi-perspective and have an impact in different life worlds."

Understanding of gifted education at WMIS - our mission statement:

It is precisely this multi-perspective understanding of gifted education that we take up at WMIS. Our mission statement already states that the overarching goal of our school is to promote intercultural learning in a multi-perspective and creative way. We see the diversity of our school community, as well as the multilingualism of the children, as an enrichment and our greatest resource. "Project-based, interdisciplinary and with the help of creative methods, the pupils of WMIS learn to actively discover and shape the world. In our creative approach, we understand art in a broad sense. It includes not only aesthetic education, but also visual and performing arts, movement and digital arts. Pupils learn in a multi-sensory, cross-curricular and holistic way."

Concrete implementation with external cooperation partners:

Two concrete projects with external cooperation partners are already planned for the school year 2020/21. A cooperation between the school and the "theatre in between" is planned for the school's first and second year. The actress and theatre teacher Anna Watson will work in various group constellations with the children of the Flex classes. In German and English, the children deal with existing literature and reflect on what they have written themselves. There is already a play written especially for the school (the story of the school's patron saint Wangari Maathai) - a "work in progress performance" - which is constantly being developed further.

In Year 3 and 4, a collaboration between art and English teacher Dee Mulrooney and artist and puppet designer Eva Garland is planned. The first step is to find out what makes exciting stories and how to create an exciting character. The stories are written and revised. This is followed by planning and creating a drawing of the character, before the character is then created as a hand puppet using different materials. Likewise, a stage set is designed for the play, which is then performed during the summer arts week. The two projects specifically support language development as well as the competence of intercultural understanding. Furthermore, theatre work can be seen as an educational tool that is not only beneficial for the children's linguistic development, but also for their motor and social development. Creating their own characters in puppet design also promotes a variety of artistic skills, such as planning, drawing and working with different materials.

Übersicht über regelmäßige Aktivitäten (außer Extra-C)

Klasse 1    Atelier (offen, im Nachmittagsbereich)
Klasse 2  Chor (fest) Trommeln (Rota)
Theater (fest)
 Atelier (offen, im Nachmittagsbereich)
Klasse 3  Chor (fest) Trommeln (Rota)
Theater (fest)
 Atelier (offen, im Nachmittagsbereich)
Klasse 4Orchester   Atelier offen, (im Nachmittagsbereich)
Klasse 5Orchester   Atelier (offen, im Nachmittagsbereich)

Additional planned: graffit, dance, circus, theater